Parade (Special Reports)

The Underage Drinking Epidemic
Teens are finding new—and more dangerous—ways to binge. Here's what you can do
June 2011

Generation Wired
They text (and text and text). They have hundreds of “friends” they’ve never actually met. They game for hours. How to keep your kids safe and healthy in a hyper-connected world.
October 2011


Parade (Profiles)

Brooke Shields
Actress, model and mom Brooke Shields says: 'I Keep Thinking I'm Younger Than I Am'
Feb 2008

Halle Berry
'My Sights Are Set On Motherhood'
March 2007

Emma Watson
As the fifth movie in the Harry Potter juggernaut premieres, young star Emma Watson says: 'We’re all so grown-up!'
July 2007

Tyra Banks
Lose Weight in '08: 'None Of Us Is Perfect'
January 2008


Parade (Other stories)

We Can Save Lives
How one doctor found a way to send discarded supplies to needy hospitals.
August 2007

There's Always Something to Hope For
When baby Claire gets cancer, everyone learns... There's always Something to Hope For
November 2007


MORE magazine

40 Beauty Tricks to Master by 40
Some say you get the face you deserve. We say phooey! You can get the face you want -- at any age -- with these inside tips from the top hair, makeup, and skin experts.

"I'd never get Botox" and other Beauty Lies
Ask us anything -- except what we do at the dermatologist's. Here's why we fib about our faces.

Can't Face Beauty Upkeep?
Now that we need more maintenance than ever, we’re just not in the mood to fuss.

The Look Good For Your Age Movement
Years ago, I had a friend whose husband gave her money for a face-lift as a 50th-birthday present. (Before you rail against him, let me clarify: She convinced him it was the only gift she truly wanted.)

Beauty Etiquette: The Graduate Course
Whether it’s an age-old debate (should you tip the salon owner?) or a newer dilemma (how do you tell a friend she’s over-Botoxed?), follow these pro tips to get through sticky situations with aplomb.

Single Mom’s Guide to Surviving an Empty Nest
The heartbreak of separation. The longing for contact. The brief flights of manic optimism about the future. A love affair gone awry? No, worse – sending your child off to college for the first time. Here, one woman's solution.

Declaration of Reinvention
We hold this truth to be self-evident: Confidence breeds a signature style. The hair, the shoes, the nail color send the world a consistent message about who we are. But a life of engagement and accomplishment brings inner change that we may not think to outwardly express. So for 2011 throw a reinvention revolution—and show the world what you already know.



Facing Your Fears at 40
In our continuing series, women on both sides of 40 talk about the joys, challenges, and surprises that come with this milestone birthday.

Waiting to Surface: The real story behind the book
Eight years ago, Emily Listfield’s husband walked down to the beach and never returned, leaving Emily and her daughter to navigate a new world of loss and uncertainty. Here, she shares the story of the hardest year of her life.

Sex and the Single Mom: What a Mom Wants
One passionate weekend showed me what a true partnership could be.

Sex and the Single Mom: Summer Lovin'?
With my daughter at sleepaway camp for a whole month, I'm hot with anticipation for lusty, carefree nights with my man—if only I had one.

Sex and the Single Mom: Dating Lessons from my Daughter
Emily Listfield found herself suddenly single when her husband unexpectedly died after 10 years of marriage. She was completely unprepared for the adventures (and misadventures) that awaited her on the dating scene.

O at Home
Conquering Space: Kay Unger's Home
Kay Unger bought a 4,300-square-foot loft two years ago in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. It has huge windows, generously proportioned bookcases, and a polished fresco fireplace that stretches up to meet the 15-foot-high ceiling. Another person might be dwarfed by the surroundings, but Kay, a successful clothing designer for nearly four decades, has made them completely and delightfully her own.
July 2007


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